Altar Servers


 Participants in this ministry assist by serving at all Masses at OLL including weddings and funerals. This ministry is open to boys and girls, 4th grade through high school, who are members of the parish. Altar servers are fully trained through a series of meetings and actual practices before they are assigned to serve at Mass. Occasionally, special programs, workshops or retreats are offered by the diocese for altar servers. Altar servers are assigned to assist at Mass on a rotating schedule. 




The cantor is the leader of congregational singing. The cantor is a faithful member of the parish, one whose gifts of voice, prayer and presence serve the whole assembly at Sunday Eucharist. The ability to read music is required. Membership in one of the choirs is desired, but not

required.  Must be able to commit to at least 1 Mass per month and rehearsals with the organist for that Mass. Training is provided.

Ushers & Greeters


  Ushers and greeters serve during Mass as follows: Seat people for Mass, take up the collection, bring the collection to the altar during the Offertory Procession, select gift-bearers to bring the bread and wine to the altar, distribute bulletins after Mass, and assist worshippers before, during and after the Mass. Men and women, ages 18 or older, with sufficient knowledge of the Mass, may serve. Trained Ushers guide new Ushers through their first experience. Ushers are scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and Holy Day Masses 

Lectors & Readers


 Open to all members of our parish, participants in this ministry proclaim the Word of God at all Masses, including holy days of obligation, daily Masses and special liturgical celebrations. Lectors are fully trained through a series of meetings and practices before they are assigned to read at Mass. Each Reader is also provided with the Workbook on Scripture Reading to assist them in this ministry. Lectors are assigned to read at Mass on a rotating schedule. 



 The Sacristans are members of Our Lady of Lourdes who keep sanctuary items polished, clean and in good repair for all liturgical celebrations in the church. They  maintain linens, vestments, albs, candles, carpets and the confessionals. This ministry “keeps house” for the Lord. New volunteers work with trained Sacristans their first several times. They are usually scheduled to work two Saturday mornings every six weeks. Sacristans also prepare and set up for each individual Mass or service. 

Eucharistic Ministers


Participants in this ministry distribute Holy Communion at all Masses at OLL and/or bring the Eucharist to the sick and shut-ins of the parish. This ministry is open to all confirmed members of OLL who have been recommended by the pastor and approved by the bishop. All participants are trained through a series of meetings and practices, and are commissioned for a 3-year period. Workshops, retreats and spiritual enrichment programs for Eucharistic Ministers are occasionally offered by the parish and diocese. Eucharistic Ministers and Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick serve in their ministries on a rotating schedule.